Industrial/Product Design

Industrial/Product design with Precise prototyping

Our industrial/product design team, including professional designers, engineers and technicians,are working alongside research and technology development (R&TD) teams to add considerable value to high-tech products. This team offers high quality and amazing price for design and manufacturing of variety of products. We are with the customer from initial stages by giving consultancy to choose the best design/manufacturing strategy for a product based on design/manufacturing standards, health&safety issues, and financial/logistic considerations of the problem.


  • Novel and creative concept design
  • Considering aesthetic, ergonomic, manufacturing, health/safety, and financial aspects of a product
  • Precise prototyping for high accuracy applications
  • Precise CNC plastic, Sheet metal, Vacuum forming, and …
  • Customized solutions for low or high number of production lines
  • Suitable for medical/beauty/sport equipment, research instrument, home appliance, industrial devices …

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