Innovation Programs

  • Modular Program based activity
  • For more flexibility and agility, practical structure of Cightech is defined base on modular programs such that any activity could be defined in one or break into more programs. These programs are designed for different stages of technology development and risk of investment.Innovation ProgramsSome of our programs are:
    • Collaborative High-tech Innovation Program (CHIP): Cightech is connected to number of academic professors and industrial experts worldwide. We discover a common interest between our associate members and integrate them in a research or R&D proposal that will be submitted to a proper funding agency. Cightech will be one of the project partners who has idea generation, research design, counseling, support of professional and public presentations, and project organization/management role and will receive its fee that is pre-defined in the research plan from funding agency or other sponsors (e.g. industrial contribution). It is obvious that in this platform we will not charge our academic associate members. We will use information technology to connect our associate members during idea generation and to have a continuous and effective control on project development during the project. Moreover, we emphasize on aesthetic, communication, and writing techniques for our professional and public presentations to improve the impact of our project.
    • Highway to Innovation for New Talents (HINT): Cightech also invites young talents/researchers who are interested in developing their own idea/research aiming to achieve a producible prototype and to be prepared for starting up his/her own company. We will find suitable associate members regarding the topic of interest of the young researcher for further development. The young researcher may contribute in Cightech’s activities from idea generation to project management and get counseling and credit support of Cightech in order to achieve a higher scale of the project with higher funding resource.
    • Applied Research Innovation Program (ARIP): This program is designed to help research groups to conduct their research activity in such a way that they can commercialize their achievements. This program is very important especially in less developed countries that university and industry are not tie to each other.
    • Sponsor Absorption (SA): For SMEs (e.g. high tech Co. in tech parks) we first evaluate their technology stage as well as the type and quality of their product and even help to manufacture professional designed prototype (IDM program) and then pitch to a suitable investor (angel investor, venture capital, or industrial groups) and help the startups to negotiate with investors.
    • Open Innovation Program (OIP): We are ready to run or enrich open innovation program for industrial groups and holdings to maximize their innovation outcomes by discovering and connecting novel external technologies to develop in industrial sector. We also accept order from industries to suggest them a technology for solving their problems. Cightech may contribute in this kind of products or just link a SME to an industry in expense of commission.
    • Industrial Design & Manufacturing (IDM): One of the most important factors in developing a commercial product is industrial design and high quality manufacturing process. Therefore, Cightech has paid special attention to design and manufacturing in IDM program.
    • High-Tech product Corridor (HTPC): This is a fact that any product needs to be finally promoted in a market. So, cightech tries to open up new markets for its network of associate members in line with HTCP program.
    • Professional Counseling (PC): In addition to our main services, Cightech gives scientific counseling to industry or academia in expense of counseling fee. We will also keep our Intellectual property in anything like research papers or patents that we have professional contribution.
    • Contribution in Production and Promotion (CPP): Cightech will contribute in high-tech or green-tech products and/or in marketing and promotion of such products if we are interested.
    • Tech-Evaluation (TE): In addition to project progress assessments includes in CHIP, Cightech offers evaluation services for tech-parks and other higher level organizations to assess progress of tech-companies and SMEs during working year.

    Figure bellow is schematic presentation of Cightech’s interaction with other role player of innovation ecosystem based on modular programs. The bold programs are essential with direct interaction and the arrowed programs are non-direct related programs.

    Innovation Programs-2

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