Applied Research Innovation Program (ARIP)

    In this program, our experts alongside with university professors run innovation programs to modify strategies of research groups to a more applied research theme.
    Sponsor Absorption

    For SMEs (e.g. high tech Co. in tech parks) we first detect their stage and the type and quality of their product and then find suitable industrial investor for and negotiate with them. We also accept order from industries to suggest them a technology for solving their problems. Cightech may contribute in this kind of products or just link a SME to an Industry in expense of commission.
    Highway to Innovation for New Talents (HINT)

    Cightech also invites talents/researchers who are interested in developing their own idea/research aiming to achieve a producible prototype and to be prepared for starting up his/her own company…
    Contribution in Production and Promotion

    Cightech will contribute in high-tech or green-tech products and/or in marketing and promotion of such products if we are interested.
    Professional Consulting

    In addition to our main services, Cightech gives scientific counseling to industry or academia in expense of consulting fee. We will also keep our Intellectual Property in anything like research papers or patents that we have professional contribution.
    Collaborative High-tech Innovation Program (CHIP)

    Cightech is connected to a number of academic professors and industrial experts worldwide. We discover a common interest between our associate members and integrate them in a research or R&D proposal that will be submitted to a proper funding agency. Cightech will be one of the project partners who has idea generation…

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