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Agreement with Dr Mojtahedi Cultural Foundation to Establish an Innovation Center

Young Innovation and Technology Center

Young Innovation & Technology Center

According to recent agreement with Dr. Mojtahedi Cultural Foundation, CIGHTech took over to conduct an innovation center (Young Innovation & Technology Center-YITC) for enrichment of young talents based on its social responsibilities for high technology education, youth entrepreneurship, and sustainable development of less developed regions. This collaboration is in the memory and in line with dedications of Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi Gilani (23 September 1908 – 1 July 1997) for young talent breading and training.

                        Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi, Principal of Alborz High SchoolMojtahedi-1

Dr. Mojtahedi was an Iranian University professor and lifetime principal of the highly prestigious Alborz High School in Tehran, Iran. He is also known as founder of Sharif University of Technology (originally Aryamehr Technical University) and dean of Tehran Polytechnic University (currently renamed to Amirkabir University of Technology).


The name of this center (Young: Javan in Persian) is also in the memorial of legendary graduate of Alborz high school, Dr. Ali Javan (December 26, 1926 – September 12, 2016). Dr Ali Javan was an Iranian-American physicist and inventor. He was the first to propose the concept of the gas laser in 1959 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. His other contributions to science have been in the fields of quantum physics and spectroscopy.

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