Vision and Mission

Nowadays, the traditional teaching and research universities (2nd generation university) are transforming into a new concept of universities (3rd generation university), integrating missions for social and economic development. This transformation is a fundamental changing of universities to increase the competition for students and academics, government demands, and funding for technology-based economic growth. In this regard, entrepreneurship playing an integral role in connecting the social and economic development to the university’s mission. For example, a need for new entrepreneurial opportunities to employ a large number of researcher or fellows trained every year and are continuously searching for academic or industrial jobs is felt. The role of entrepreneurship that can appear in missions of the university, research institutes, innovation centers and solution provider companies (consultants, and business development, marketing, and product management delegates) to solve such kind of social-economic problems has essential importance.

In this regard, Cightech is an attempt to tie between science and business by innovativeness achieved through generating novel high-tech ideas and multidisciplinary topics, using multinational partners and organizations in a strategic planning, and R&D project management in association with other partners to achieve new technologies. Cightech is a private online innovation center that is designed to open up new opportunities by generating novel ideas, to be a hub for associate partners who are professional in multidisciplinary fields, and contribute to high-tech projects management using information technology. We actually, create new high-tech ideas that can be achieved by suitable associate partners and generate new project proposals for funding from government and/or industry. After allocating the budget we systematically manage the process in association with other professional partners to achieve promising outcomes that may be prototypes, research reports, scientific papers, etc. Cightech will be an independent partner in any project with budget defined in any proposal and may not charge associate academic members, except industrial one.

Cightech will especially focus, but not strictly restricted, on green technologies to guarantee the sustainability of its mission and produces for nature and society.

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