The Innovation Hive

Our innovation hive is a medium that offers great amount of value to body of knowledge and research challenges.

Based on the researchers’ demand discovered by CIGHTech team, we plan to promote research facilities internationally. Our products are actually selected carefully from high quality and inexpensive research facilities, produced by different companies. The selected items also are improved technically or aesthetically by CIGHTech team, to meet the quality of international promotion. Our producers are mostly academic researchers who know the exact need of high-tech research and can give professional consultancy and technical services / training based on their knowledge as well. The quality and price of our products are amazing (many of them cost almost half the price of similar quality) such that we had a successful record of selling to high level research institutes. In addition, most of our products can be customized for different users that is excellent option for our customers.

We also provide high quality research services and advanced materials based on potentials of our extensive professional network. The quality, price and customization potential of our services and materials is absolute opportunity for researchers who wish to conduct (start or continue) independent research.

We understand that multidisciplinary and high quality research needs effective networking. The innovation hive is also empower professional networks by promoting conferences and global events, as well as publications and job opportunities.

You can reach to the hive here.

If you have research challenge please contact our professional team.It is free of charge.

We will be happy to help you.

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