16 May 2020

    Spectroscopy vs. Spectrometry

    Scientific terms are often used interchangeably, and scientifically-accepted descriptions are constantly being refined and reinterpreted, which can lead to errors…
    12 April 2020

    Self-powered X-ray detector to revolutionize imaging for medicine, security and research

    X-ray detectors made with 2-dimensional perovskite thin films convert X-ray photons to electrical signals without requiring an outside power source,…
    25 March 2020

    A treatment for Covid-19 on the way of FDA

    Roche unit Genentech has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to conduct a Phase III clinical trial of…
    18 March 2020

    Accidental discovery: 58-year-old puzzle on way to quantum breakthrough was cracked

    An artist’s impression of how a nanometer-scale electrode is used to locally control the quantum state of a single nucleus…
    10 March 2020

    Actemra: The drug that could be the cure for the novel coronavirus

    A drug used to treat inflammation in arthritis patients, Actemra, could be the answer to coronavirus cure. COVID-19 virus scanning…
    5 March 2020

    COVID-19 vaccine on the way!

    Development of vaccination strategies for emerging pathogens are particularly challenging because of the sudden nature of their emergence and the…
    19 February 2020

    Artificial atoms create stable qubits for quantum computing

    Quantum engineers from UNSW Sydney have created artificial atoms in silicon chips that offer improved stability for quantum computing. Integrated…
    10 February 2020

    Scientists reveal the most extensive genetic map of cancers ever made

    Perhaps more than any other, cancer is seen as a disease of genes gone wrong. So, as genetic-sequencing technology has…
    5 February 2020

    Tools for Next Generation Atomic Layer Deposition

    About OkyayTech Born from a passion for research in the area of atomic layer deposition (ALD), OkyayTech is building custom…
    4 February 2020

    An ultrafast microscope for the quantum world

    The operation of components for future computers can now be filmed in HD quality, so to speak. Manish Garg and…

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