::: ThemeTech is an attempt to give B2B services to health/beauty/sport service providers such as medical clinics, beauty clinics/salons, gyms, … and is categorized into two departments: Technology Network and Design Studio.

    • Laser and Related Photonic Device Repair and Services
    • Medical/Beauty Equipment Repair
    • Medical/Sport/Beauty facilities Redesign and Refurbish
    • Smart and IoT based (Internet of Things) workspace (office, clinic, gym, …) Design and Performance
    • Online Management System Installation
    • Discounted Queuing Platform Membership

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    Technology Network-1


    Alter Design Group
    • Design and produce customized and built-in furniture.
    • Moss interior and decoration design
    • Parametric furniture and interior
      Decorative walls
    • Smart Workspace Design with IoT/smart devices and Smart Materials

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