Investment Programs

Cightech aims to construct teams including associate members including academics, tech-companies, industries, investors, market role players, … to work cohesively in a friendly common benefit environment. Actually, our ultimate goal is to work continuously and permanently to gain common benefit. So, we welcome funding agencies, angel investors, venture capitals, and industrial groups to support novel ideas, contribute on developing new technologies (for industrial needs), and invest on valuable startups. We have two general modules

  • Sponsor Absorption (SA): For SMEs (e.g. high tech Co. in tech parks) we first evaluate their technology stage as well as the type and quality of their product and even help to manufacture professional designed prototype (IDM program) and then pitch to a suitable investor (angel investor, venture capital, or industrial groups) and help the startups to negotiate with investors.
  • Open Innovation Program (OIP): We are ready to run or enrich open innovation program for industrial groups and holdings to maximize their innovation outcomes by discovering and connecting novel external technologies to develop in industrial sector. We also accept order from industries to suggest them a technology for solving their problems. Cightech may contribute in this kind of products or just link a SME to an industry in expense of commission

Please read more about our innovation programs here:Innovation Programs

Please contact us if you are interested to invest on startups or need to run industrial innovation program:

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