Vision and Mission:

Nowadays, the traditional teaching and research universities (2nd generation university-2GU) are transforming into a new concept of universities (3rd generation university-3GU), integrating missions for social and economic development. This transformation is a fundamental changing of universities to increase the competition for students and academics, government demands, and funding for technology-based economic growth. In this regard, entrepreneurship playing an integral role in connecting the social and economic development to the university’s mission. For example, a need for new entrepreneurial opportunities to employ a large number of researcher or fellows trained every year and are continuously searching for academic or industrial jobs is felt. The role of entrepreneurship that can appear in missions of the university, research institutes, innovation centers and solution provider companies (consultants, and business development, marketing, and product management delegates) to solve such kind of social-economic problems has essential importance.

In this regard, CIGHTechLtd is an attempt to tie between science and business by innovativeness achieved through generating novel high-tech ideas and multidisciplinary topics, using multinational partners and organizations in a strategic planning, and RTD&C project management in association with other partners to achieve new technologies.


Hybrid Concept:

CIGHTechLtd is combination of different concepts that has role in an innovation ecosystem. CIGHTechLtd is a private and online innovation center that is designed to open up new opportunities by generating novel ideas, to be a hub for associate partners who are professional in multidisciplinary fields or young talents, contribute to high-tech RTD&C (Research, Technology Development & Commercialization) project management and to create new startups. So we actually combine different concepts “innovation center / technology hub”, “Startup studio”, and “RTD&C unit” in a hybrid concept. Cightech-ConceptScope:

Main scope of CIGHTechLtd are on:

  • Green Tech and destructive problem based domains: Strategy of CIGHTechLtd about market needs are mostly general with a focus on keeping integrity with maximum social and natural benefits, and especially on green technologies to guarantee the sustainability of technology we are going to develop. Our focus, but not strictly restricted, on health and nutrition, green and environmental, agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries, sports and recreation, lifestyle, children, women and family, education and ….
  • Hard-tech: We are also interested on deep tech and hard-tech (Laser & Photonics, Advanced Materials, Plasma Technology, Thin film Technology, Biotech, IoT, Robotics,… and ideas with technological convergence (NBIC: convergence of two or more of these technologies: Nanotech, Biotech, IT, Cognitive science). These kind of technologies, with huge capacity of competitive advantage, can help us to build the future of Cightech more sustainable.
  • Complementary hard-tech: CIGHTechLtd is also interested in ideas that have complementary and supporting role to our tech-based ideas. We believe that it is critical to pay attention to strategic needs of our system (internal value creation or spin-off startups based on open innovation concept) such as industrial design, manufacturing tech, marketing & value chain, regulatory, technology public education, … For example our industrial/product design and manufacturing are very well develop to support our projects and associate members. CIGHTechLtd is also supporting high-tech professionals by helping them to promote their high quality products globally in The Innovation HIVE and by supply their research by several research facilities, services, materials and devices as well as information about global events such as conferences and exhibitions, science/tech news, entrepreneurship notes and so on. The C-Hive is actually a platform to bridge between researchers and research tool providers worldwide.You can reach to The HIVE here.

The Innovation HiveWhy you need Cightech?

Cightech will construct teams including associate members to work cohesively in a friendly environment, with a feeling of unity and without any conflict. In our view, academic and industrial partners are not our customers rather they are associate members of Cightech family. Actually, our ultimate goal is to work continuously and permanently like a family and gain common benefit.

Academic associate members of Cightech may be interested in research ideas that bring them a new source of funding that is also free of charge for them. Actually, it is our honor to work alongside to our associate member as a team. Our industrial members also, may pay for novel ideas and contribute to developing new technologies for their financial benefits. In addition, some more ideas, as well as human resources, may be supplied by inviting and supporting young researchers. Moreover, governments also may be interested in supporting our entrepreneurship integrated proposals due to its impact on economy and society.


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