Laser Based Glass Processing Kit

Laser Base Glass Processing Kit is a glass processing and splicing system that uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing and adiabatic tapering. The laser beam radiates vertically on the optical fiber by some optical components and then swept the optical fiber by using the galvanometer mirror and creates uniform heat over the hot zone region. Tapered fiber and splicing coupler with high symmetry and low loss are achieved using the adiabatic conditions.


  • CO2 laser heat source is used for splicing and creating an adiabatic taper.
  • Including optical components to focusing the laser beam on the optical fiber.
  • Using the galvanometer mirror to create uniform heat over the hot zone region.
  • Pre-written Labview program on PC for automatic operation.
  • An advanced configurable system capable of producing tapers, microsphere, combiners, couplers, and splicing.
  • 4-150mm travel Z motion for adiabatic tapers.
Specification Description
Fiber Heating and Splicing Source CO2 laser
Fiber Observation Methods CCD camera with 6X and 4X optics
Applicable Fiber Diameter
  • 80 μm to 2300 μm for automatic alignment by PAS
  • Larger diameter fibers may be aligned manually or by power meter feedback
Fiber Handling Custom fixtures to meet specific customer requirements
Alignment Methods
  • PAS (Profile Alignment System, automatic alignment by camera observation)
  • Manual
  • Other methods by PC control
  • Power meter feedback via GPIB (Optional)
  • End-view (Optional)
Maximum Taper Length 150 mm
Minimum Taper Length 4mm
Maximum Taper Ratio 10:1 standard (For uniform direction, one-pass tapering)
Splicing Control Internal firmware or operation by PC
Operating Conditions 15-40°C
PM Fiber Alignment Methods PAS (For PANDA and other PM fibers)

  • IPA (Interrelation Profile Alignment, applicable to almost all PM fibers. Three distinct IPA methods available.)
  • End-view (Optional)
  • Power meter feedback (Requires polarizer and analyzer, as well as optional GPIB interface)
  • Manual
  • Other methods by PC control


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