Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Atomic Layer Deposition is a unique yet simple thin film coating technology enabling sub monolayer thickness precision, ultimate conformality and excellent large area uniformity. A team of ALD researchers have developed and tested this valuable, high quality, inexpensive ALD system and service. The concept used in the design of this system is new, for example the patent pending reactor design enables the user to increase uniformity of thin films. This system provides unprecedented coating performance and film quality ranging from oxides, nitrides, metals and sulfides. Our ALD system also facilitates cutting-edge research on exotic materials and processing including two dimensional materials, selective ALD, materials synthesis, and surface treatment. With this system you can have up to 8 inch substrate, multiple precursor lines, max 300 C process in-situ metrology, ALD coating services, ALD precursors short delivery times. Our system is flexible, the services are reliable and quality and price are amazing such that any ALD researcher should have one in his/her lab. Our ALD professionals also can give full services including consultancy and deposition of organic and inorganic films with amazing quality and price.

Our offered systems:

  • Thermal ALD
  • Plasma Enhanced ALD
  • Glovebox Integrated ALD
  • Thermal and Plasma Atomic Layer Etching
  • Industrial ALD (holding a large number of substrates at one time)


We can provide sample test before you buy.


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