Closed Cycle Cryostat

Gifford McMahon closed cycle refrigerator (CCR) has long been regarded as one of the most versatile, compact and cost-effective solutions available Comprising two stage 15 K coldheads coupled with the helium compressor, Cryocoolers all offer fast-cool-down times, making them the perfect choice for integration into a wide range of applications.

We provide custom 15K to 325K closed cycle cryostats with interfaces. We provide GM closed cycle coolers. We also supply open cycle flow cryostats that use liquid helium or LN2 as the cooling source. This system can work with researcher to arrive at the best cryocooler solution for the researchers’ particular requirements and interface needs. We supply complete systems with application specific and/or custom vacuum enclosures, radiation shields, sample holders, windows, temperature sensors, heaters, extra experimental wire leads and feedthroughs, temperature controllers, vacuum pump systems, sample manipulation attachments, low vibration CCR interfaces and many other additional options.

Compact and Powerful Design: Our cold-head allows easier installation in systems particularly where space is at a premium
Efficient and Powerful System: Capable of reaching 15 K with 3-phase electrical power requirement

Full option system features items:

  • Helium Closed Cycle 2 Stage Refrigerator
  • Cernox Cryogenic Temperature Sensors (Calibrated from 4K to 325K)
  • Cryogenic Temperature Controller Monitor
  • Flexible Vacuum Chamber
  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Other options:

  • Low Vibration Support Stand Alignable Optical Head
  • Optical Viewport Up to 60 mm Diameter (quartz, pyrex , …)
  • 24-pin Electrical Feedthrough
  • Admission Valve
  • Heater on 2th Stage
  • ISO KF/CF Flanges
  • Helium Buffer Tank (Buffer Tank or Long Gas Line)

Our cryogenic equipment are designed for both laboratory and industrial usage. Our mission is to provide the cryogenic industry with high quality, innovative, and technologically superior instrumentation.


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