Spatial Light Modulators (SLM)-Research Kit

This digital optics research kit is built around the 0.55″ microdisplay digital panel series.It offers 2π phase retardation at different selectable wavelengths at resolutions of 1920 x 1080 (Model-2K) or 4094 x 2400 pixels (Model-4K). The device uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to digitally and directly drive displays; proprietary modulation patterns can be used as desired development goals. It is compact and can aid in the development of a wide-variety of applications including DOE, HOE, laser processing, holography, WSS, and data storage (HDS) applications. The kit accessories include the wavelength configuration software and all required cabling, with/without box.

Key Features

  • Phase Modulator
  • Retardation: ≧ 2π for phase Applications
  • 8-bit monochrome with HDMI 1.4 easy addressing interface input
  • Rich selections of panels and preconfigured for various application requirements
  • Plug and Play Display


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