Rail Sliding Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems (RSCVD)

This rail sliding chemical vapor deposition system is suitable to syntheses of Graphene and other Graphene-like structures such as MoS2 by producing a temperature gradient or thermal shock. Sliding rail is installed on the bottom of furnace, which allows for fast heating or cooling by sliding furnace from one side to the other side (RTP processes). Several innovative ideas have been used in different parts of this system such as vacuum parts, electrical tube furnace, and also gas control system. The system can be customized for different applications in lab or industrial scale based on request.

  • Specialized for synthesis of Graphene and other Graphene like structures such as MoS2
  • Full CVD system including all necessary connections
  • Single zone systems with maximum temperatures of 1250C and a preheating zone
  • Including quartz and/or alumina and/or stainless steel tubes
  • Including rotary vacuum pomp along with connections
  • Capable of acting at different temperatures and atmospheres
  • Precise and independent control of temperature for each zone
  • Controlling gas flows precisely and independently by using of MFCs
  • Including needle valves and a gas mixer to mix reactive and carrier gasses just before entering to reaction tube


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