International Conference on Structural Biology and Mass Spectrometry

November 17-18, 2022 | Rome, Italy
Theme:The unique view of Structural Biology Researches

Coalesce Research Group invites all the participants across the globe to attend “International Conference on Structural Biology and Mass Spectrometry” (Structural Biology 2022) during November 17-18, 2022 at Mercure Roma West, Rome, Italy that contains quick keynote Speaker, presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibition.

This highly exciting “International Conference on Structural Biology and Mass Spectrometry” (Structural Biology 2022) is intended to be a forum, conversation and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, industry representatives and Business leaders. Theme of the Conference is: “The unique view of Structural Biology Researches”. Structural Biology offers various topics for knowing advance details and for interaction including Computational Approaches in Structural Biology , 3D Structure Determination , Sequencing Analysis , Hybrid Approaches for Structure Prediction , Cell Signalling , Structural Biology Databases , Molecular Modelling and Simulation , Glycobiology and Glycoconjugates , Structural Biology in Cancer Research , Drug Designing , Structural Biology Complexity Arenas , Frontiers in Structural Biology , atomic emission spectroscopy, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, dual polarization, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, photoemission spectroscopy, Mossbauer spectroscopy and so on.

The Two-day conference at Rome, Italy will become an event for Mass Spectrometry to hear about future organization projects plans, government policies and market-leading origination. This year’s conference will cover a broad range of Structural Biology topics, including Mass Spectrometry.

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