Electrospinning Systems

This is a fully automated electrospinning system for laboratory research prior to pilot and industrial scale applications. Our system is controlled by the 7-inch Siemens Comfort Touch Screen Display, which allows the user to precisely control all the features of the electrospinning system. The system has variety of collectors
including stationary collectors for nanofiber deposition, high-speed rotating drum collector to produce well-aligned nanofibers, and rotating rod collector to produce tubular nanofibrous membranes. The system is equipped with X-Scanner for uniform fiber collection and has emitter options of single nozzle, core-shell nozzle to produce bicomponent nanofibers and multi-nozzle system for high throughput nanofiber production. We also offers Taylor Cone imaging camera system, UV Sterilization and UV Curing options as well as temperature and humidity climate control unit.


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