5D digital optical microscope: Advanced Materials Series

Based on the two core technologies of 5D microscopy and digital optics, we have introduced brand-new simplified, modularized, customized and digitized optical concepts and technologies into four key application areas for academia and industry: advanced material analysis, biomedical imaging, microscopic 3D optical inspection, and digital optics.

Core Technologies:

5D Microscopy (X, Y, Z, λ, t)

  • High speed PL/Raman/TRPL mapping
  • 3D high speed imaging
  • Nondestructive spectrum measurement

Digital Optics

  • Super Resolution Microscopy
  • Digital Light Field Microscopy
  • Arbitrary multi foci laser manipulation

Customized setups based on application:

  • Nano-materials including 2D materials: Ultra-high-speed spectral imaging, Accurate micro-area inspection
  • Micro LED: High-speed inspection of epitaxial uniformity, Chip process quality before the mass transfer, Panel quality after mass transfer
  • Quantum technology (Single photon source): The best inspection tool for material properties of quantum emitters, accompanying with the selected single-photon counting module
  • Perovskite: High resolution grain imaging, Non-destructive film-forming uniformity testing, High-speed photoelectric efficiency identification
  • Quantum Dot: High-resolution fluorescent images, Non-destructive inspection, Multi-experiment on the same QD
  • Wide Band Gap (WBG) materials: integrating 3D Raman spectrum imaging and nonlinear high-speed imaging modules, High-speed 3D inspection tool for finding defects and lattice dislocation

Commercial Models:

  • Industry R&D Ultra
  • Academic Pro
  • Academic Lite

Add-On Options:

  • Super-Resolution Microscopy (SRM)
  • Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM)
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)


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