Spin Coater System

CIGHTech offers inexpensive, reliable and maintenance free Spin Coater system especially for lithography applications, research, development and more. This spin coater system is a family of desktop spin coaters used for low production spin coating applications especially for lithography applications. The system holds wafer or substrate with a vacuum chuck and rotates it at high speeds (Up to 12000 RPM). The cutting edge technology in a spin coater is achieving to high speeds and accelerations with lowest level of run out errors. This technology plus speed control are two great specifications of our spin coaters.

Applications: Liquid Material Coating, Polymers Coating, Photoresist Coating, SolGel Applications, PDMS Coating, Solar cell Layers Coating, NANO Layer Coating, Lithography

The main features of this spin coater are described in the table below:

1 Display 7″ HMI
2 Data Entering Table Up to 8 Rows
3 Vacuum Chuck Substrates Up to 4″ Dia.
4 Speed Range 100 to 12000 RPM
5 Acceleration 1 to 3000 RPM/Sec
6 Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
7 Bowl Material Polyethylene

We can provide sample test before you buy.


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