Smart Solar Simulator System (Hybrid Light Source)

This equipment is designed and manufactured based on hybrid light source (Xenon Lamp + 6 array of LEDs) to simulate different solar spectrum for lab scale photovoltaic research. With this system solar cell’s IV-Curve, open circuit voltage, closed circuit current, efficiency … can be measured. The unique specifications of this system is the ability to measure multi-layer solar cells to determine absorption properties of each layer due to wonderful control of spectral shape. Actually, 5 different spectrum (AM1.5 as default and 4 other customized spectrum) can be programed in the output. The intensity of different LEDs can be controlled in 256 levels with an Android App WiFi based controller (IoT equipment: Internet of Things). The system also has 4 temperature on light sources and one at the output to smartly control temperature of the equipment for optimal maintenance.

  •  Output beam size: 1.5”×1.5” (40mm×40mm)
  • Rated as AAA solar simulator
  • Variable output adjustment from 0 to 1.5 sun
  • User settable spectral control
  • User adjustment calibration
  • 10,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Android App WiFi based controller


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