Gas Sensors Characterization System

In the (nano)electronic device research and manufacturing industry, components such as gas sensors are subject to a full functional test and characterization for research and development. Therefore our team has designed a small fully controlled test non-liking chamber to test and determine the characteristics of resistance, impedance … gas nanosensors such as sensitivity, response and recovery time for static and dynamic states with less than 10ppm gas amount measurement accuracy. The system is also suitable for measurement of flammable and explosive gas sensors by using UV excitation mechanism can be attached based on request.

  • Control of sensor temperature from RT up to 300C
  • Ohm-meter capable of logging and plotting data on PC
  • LCR-meter to investigate impedance based sensors (based on order)
  • Dynamic sensing by using 2 or more individual MFCs
  • Sensor excitation by using UV light source with continuous adjustment of light intensity
  • Ability to determine sensitivity, response & recovery times of nanostructured gas sensors


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