Solmetric IV Curve Tracer

This solar cell characterization system is designed to characterize important solar cell parameters such as point-to-point I, V and P values, I/V/P curves, Ishort, Vopen, Pmax, ImaxP, VmaxP, Efficiency, and Fill Factor with high accuracy. The system directly measures voltage in the range of 2-12V, protected from higher or reverse voltages, with 200µV accuracy, as well as current measurement in the range of 40µA-1A, protected from higher currents, with 1µA resolution. The characteristics of our standard model enables the equipment to work for high accuracy lab scale solar cells; however, the system can be customize to measure higher value of V-I for solar panels and industrial applications based on user’s needs. The system has also LCD for real-time I-V or I/V/P curve display, internal memory and USB port, ability to connect to laptop with WiFi (based on request), and low/easy maintenance based on auto-calibration and modular design.



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