Industrial Solar Simulator System

This equipment is designed to produce AM1.5 spectrum of sun light with wavelength, intensity, and temperature based on IEC 60904-3 standard. Light source is combination of halogen and xenon (W1600, OSRAM, made in Germany) lamps and variety of LED series to produce very good spectral match in 400-900nm based on the standard above. This system can be setup in two vertical or horizontal direction which can be adjusted easily using elevator and ruler of the system to get different intensity range of 380-3000 W/m2 and 600-3000 W/m2 for vertical and horizontal directions (Note: intensity of AM1.5 spectrum is defined to be 1000 W/m2 which is equal to 1 SUN unit).

In addition to research purpose on solar panels, this facility can be utilized for industrial and agriculture applications. For example, in agriculture there is a need to simulate variety of light spectrum to study plant grow, in automotive industry to test several plastic devices and body color, in civil engineering and construction to test materials used in building facades which are exposed to sunlight, in road construction for testing asphalt/bitumen and several other applications.


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