13th Annual Meet on Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology

August 26-27, 2020 | Singapore
Theme: “Discovering the New Challenges in the field of Microbiology”


This Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology Conference is an International conference of 2 days, providing the most up-to-date information, research, guidance and policy discussion for professionals in the microbiology field. It is your opportunity to learn and network with friends and colleagues from around the globe while having fun at the same time.
We very much look forward seeing you in Singapore on August 26-27, 2020.

Conference Highlights:

  • Clinical Bacteriology
  • Medical Bacteriology and Immunology
  • Anaerobic Bacteriology
  • Animal Modeling and Veterinary Bacteriology
  • Bacterial Transcription
  • Bacteriology for Nurses
  • Microbiome & Microbiota
  • Applied Microbiology
  • Oral Microbiology
  • Aquatic Microbiology & Geomicrobiology
  • Industrial Microbiology & Food Microbiology
  • Forensic Microbiology & Environmental Microbiology
  • Bioinformatics for Micro-biome
  • Molecular Bio robotics
  • Clinical Virology
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • Diagnosis and Treatments for Bacterial Infections


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