Laser Crystals: YLF Crystal Series

We grows and processes all kinds of YLF crystal (Yttrium Lithium Fluoride): Nd:YLF, Pr:YLF, Tm:YLF, Yb:YLF, Ho:YLF and YLF diffusion bonded crystal, etc.

Our advantage: Lower than the market price with good quality

  1. Nd:YLF

Nd:YLF is an excellent crystal for modelocked operation because it combines the characteristics of weak thermal lensing, large fluorescence line width and naturally polarized oscillation.

■ Advantages of Nd:YLF Crystals:

  • High power, low beam divergence, efficient single mode operation
  • High average power Q-switching at a moderate repetition rate
  • Linear polarized resonators for Q-switching and frequency doubling
  • Potential uniform mode for large diameter rods or slabs
  • Stimulated emission cross section is favorable for low CW threshold

Thermal lensing lower than that of YAG

1053nm output of Nd:YLF matches gain curves of Nd:Glass and performs well as an oscillator and pre-amplifier for this host.

  1. Tm:YLF

Tm:YLF is the important middle infrared laser crystal. Because Tm:YLF is negative uniaxial crystal, whose thermal refractive index coefficient is negative, some thermal distortion may be counteracted and high-quality light can be output. Conveniently pumped at 792nm, 1.9μm linearly polarized beam is output in a axis, and non-linearly polarized beam is output in c axis.

■ Advantages of Tm:YLF Crystals:

  • Linearly polarized output beam
  • Little heat effect while laser
  • Effective cross relaxing of Tm ions
  • Relatively high efficiency with LD pumping
  1. Ho:YLF

Ho:YLF is the important middle infrared laser crystal. Ho:YLF pumped ZGP crystal at 1.9μm, so 2.05μm linearly polarized beam can be output.

■ Advantages of Ho:YLF Crystals:

  • Linearly polarized output beam
  • Little heat effect while laser
  • Conveniently pumped at 1.9μm
  1. Pr:YLF

Only few laser materials have necessary properties for realization of lasing in visible spectral range. Trivalent praseodymium (Pr3+) is known to be an interesting laser ion for using with solid-state lasers in the visible spectral range because of its energy levels scheme, providing several transitions in the red (640 nm, 3P0 to 3F2), orange (607 nm, 3P0 to 3H6), green (523 nm, 3P0 to 3H5), and dark-red (720 nm, 3P0 3F3+3F4) spectral regions. Pr3+:YLF has been found as promising laser material for producing visible lasers directly.

  1. Yb:YLF

Yb3+:YLF laser crystals have better thermo-optical properties than isotropic host like YAG, its large thermal conductivity provides efficient heat extraction. Moreover, Yb3+:YLF has wide emission cross-section, with peak value at the lasing wavelength comparable to that found in

Yb3+:Sr3Y(BO3)3 and Yb3+:Ca4GdO(BO3)3 laser crystals.. Also, YLF crystal has advantage by ytterbium ions to be doped to a high degree.


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