Cryogenic Temperature Controller Monitor

Our Cryogenic Temperature Controller Monitor is a high performance instrument that can monitor and control temperatures with high resolution. This controller offers three temperature inputs for cryogenic applications that can read RTDs, thermistors, and diodes. Each temperature input channel has its own 24-bit ADC with eleven input ranges, and is equipped with its own independent excitation current source. One temperature inputs for high temperature applications that can read all types of thermocouples.

In many applications, the unparalleled feature set of the controller allows you to replace several instruments with one, saving time, money and valuable laboratory space. Delivering more feedback, tighter control, and faster cycle times, this cryogenic temperature controller keeps up with increasingly complex temperature measurement and control applications. It is the ideal solution for general purpose to advanced laboratory applications. Put this temperature controller to use in your lab and let it take control of your measurement environment.

Our cryogenic equipment are designed for both laboratory and industrial usage. Our mission is to provide the cryogenic industry with high quality, innovative, and technologically superior instrumentation.

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