12th International Conference on Recycling and Waste Management

May 11-13, 2023 | Prague, Czech Republic
Theme:Reduce for the good, Recycle for the better, and Reuse for the best”

We would like to take this opportunity to officially announce the 12th International Conference on Recycling and Waste Management, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic from May 11-13, 2023. Reduce for the good, recycle for the better, and reuse for the best is the conference’s theme. We invite eminent Speakers to present at our conference from universities all over the world.

Plastic recycling, wastewater treatment and management techniques, solid waste management, climatic changes, renewable and non-renewable resources, treatment of all types of waste products, waste disposal, recycling and reuse of waste materials, and energy conversion from waste are just a few of the cutting-edge topics that will be covered at Recycling 2023.

It is an honor and privilege for us to extend a warm welcome to all of the esteemed Speakers and attendeeof the 12th International conference on Recycling and Waste Management Conference, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from May 11-13, 2023.

Recycling 2023 aims to bring together individuals from all over the world, including renowned ecologists, scientists, environmental engineers, research personalities, recycling scientists, climate experts, wastewater treatment researchers, recycling specialists, businesspeople, and waste management industry professionals, to have a basic stage for them to share their experience, learning, and research work in the field of recycling and waste management, as well as to bring up new technological advancements.

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