11th International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

August 21-22, 2023 | Singapore City, Singapore
Theme: Exploring Critical Breakthroughs in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering”

The Conference Series LLC Ltd is delighted to invite you to the “11th International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering”, taking place at Singapore on August 21-22, 2023 Singapore City. The conference was titled ” EUROCATALYSIS-2023″.

Attending this revolutionary conference is the first step if you’re eager to discover the breakthrough in catalysis and chemical engineering and enjoy the greener pastures of professional progress, international recognition, and a respectable reputation.
The subject of the 2023 Catalysis and Chemical Engineering Conference will be highlighted. An annual conference called Scientific Advancements and breakthroughs in Catalysis & Chemical Engineering largely focuses on these fields, their methods, and advancements.

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