Solar Simulator

Solar Simulator is a light source that creates precise simulation of sunlight for scientific re-search and testing. This simulator is used for the standard testing of solar cells at Air Mass 1.5 Global (AM 1.5). It is based on mixed light of LEDs and filtered halogen lamps and simulates the sunlight spectrum from 380-1000 nm. Total difference of the solar simulator out-put with sunlight spectrum is less than 5%. Filtered halogen lamps provide visible and near-IR light and white and single wavelength LEDs cover the visible region. LEDs and lamps can be turned-on independently, making it possible to test the devices at specific wavelengths and also Voc decay experiments. For AM1.5 measurements, the sample-lamp distance is adjusted by a calibrated photodiode and a mechanical jack to change the distance. The accuracy of produced spectrum can be evaluated by measuring the light intensity of LEDs and lamps using photodiode.



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