Identity Authentication and Patient Verification Virtual Summit

June 16, 2021 | Online
Theme: “Identity Authentication and Patient Verification Virtual Summit 2021”

The healthcare industry is constantly under attack for credential stuffing and account takeover fraud, especially with increasingly connected medical devices. Sutter Health, which serves more than 3 million patients, deals with countless cyberattacks daily. It was hit with around 87 billion cyberthreats in 2018 alone.

Attacks on healthcare organizations are increasing every year. Healthcare provider organizations need to adopt identity safeguards, similar to the Know Your Customer regulations adopted by the financial services industry. Instead of relying on insecure passwords, the healthcare industry needs embracing password-less, biometric-based solutions to ensure clients’ data and their own infrastructures remain secure.

The sad truth is that healthcare CIOs and CISOs often are under-resourced, under-staffed and lack the IT skills to defend against a myriad of sophisticated cyber threats. The Identity Authentication and Patient Verification, Virtual Summit aims to identify and discuss these set of challenges, tackle the myths, understand the scenario from a healthcare point of view and witness the best technologies aiding the Patient verification efforts.

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