4th International conference on Nano medicine & Drug delivery

November 27-28, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan
Theme: “Nanomedicine and Drug delivery: A Rapidly growing science to diagnose at Nano-scale range”

Nanodelivery Meet 2019 is hosted by EuroSciCon – internationally recognized for a non-profit organization with headquarters in London, UK. The Conference is providing a vital platform for exchanging the ideas, information, experience & expertise on different researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in the field of Nanomedicine, Biomedical Applications and Drug delivery research. Nanodelivery Conference 2019 will provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with outstanding experts in the field and widely enhance the professionals & researchers in the global network. Abstracts are invited & accepted for workshops, oral and poster presentations on all areas of Nanomedicine & Drug delivery research and policy as from June 15, 2019.

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