48th Global Congress on Nursing Education and Research

September 21-22,2020 | San Francisco, USA
Theme: “Improvement and Enhancement in Nursing Education, Research and Healthcare”


Pulsus Conferences take an honour and pleasure in welcoming the participants for the 48th Global Congress on Nursing Education and Research, proposed on September 21-22,2020 in San Francisco, USA. We take an immense step towards the Nursing Education 2020 in gathering the scientific professionals to the captivating occasion.

The rejuvenating theme of this conference is,” Improvement and Enhancement in Nursing Education, Research and Healthcare” to promote the world’s famous scientific professionals in the specialization of Nursing and Healthcare.

Nursing Education Conference 2020 is a right set of circumstances to broaden the concur of the partaker across the world. Let’s consolidate, conduct demonstration, transfer and associate with the latest technologist to scrutinize the subjects of Nursing care and curative measures for Nursing Education and Research, which gives a best impression with new educational innovations, developments and receive name recognition and certificates by our world class prestigious committee members at these two days. The world’s reputable speakers, recent techniques, progress and notification in Nursing Education and its related discussions are the hallmarks of the conference.

Join us with the Nursing Education Congress 2020, the remarkable pact to incorporate the worldwide eminent industrialists and scholars in the field of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare.

Let’s reach the Fog city, San Francisco for Nursing Education Meet 2020.


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