3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

March 4-5, 2020 | Edinburgh, Scotland
Theme:“Innovative Therapeutic Approaches and Technological Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Sector”

Pharmaceutical Sciences 2020 will be a wonderful opportunity to build networks with distinguished academics, industrial experts and renowned researchers from various disciplines of pharma and healthcare sciences from all around the world and to share their insights on the theme “Innovative Therapeutic Approaches and Technological Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Sector”.
This scientific occasion focuses on expanding the knowledge of the attendees to upgrade performance in accomplishing specific research objectives and brings different forms of ideas for the greater good of human society.
The scientific occasion will be a gathering of Pharmacists, Pharmacologists, Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Scientists, Industrialists, Academicians and Students from across the Globe and aims to provide a holistic exposure on cutting-edge technologies, new therapeutics, research and development, and challenges in the field of pharma and public health.

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