3rd European Congress on Vaccines and Immunology

July 15-16, 2020 | London, UK
Theme: “Emphasizing Recent Advancements and Future Challenges in Vaccines and Immunization”


The aim of the Vaccines Congress 2020 is to promote quality research and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists and engineers by bringing together again the world-class researchers, International Communities and Industrial heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the fields of Vaccines.

The event will have Keynote speakers, Plenary speakers, Invited speakers and fresh contributed speakers. In addition, a variety of poster presentations along with workshops and special sessions would be interested in listeners

Vaccines and Vaccination | Immunology and Its Allied Fields | Pathology and Its Allied Fields | Microbiology and Its Allied Fields | Oncology or Cancer research & treatments | Internal Medicine | Infectious Diseases | Virology and Toxicology | Emergency Medicine | Veterinary Medicine and Its Allied Fields | Paediatrics | Allergy & Asthma | HIV/AIDS | Inflammation and Engineering Therapeutics | Stem Cell Immunotherapy | Public Health | Nano-Vaccine Technology | Bio-Informatics


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