3DBio Alginate Ink

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The team creates specific bioinks, the basis of the 3D cell culture which are cell-friendly, flexible and applicable to a variety of uses. Our bioinks are cost-effective, have high printability, mimic extracellular matrix (ECM) and provide a suitable environment for cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation. Some of the new unique bioinks of the 3D-Bio team are PCL, PCL/Starch, Alginate and Alginate/Gelatin bioinks. In addition to a variety of bioinks from thermoplastic materials to hydrogels, the company also produces custom-made bioinks for specific applications.

3DBio Alginate

Our specific alginate-based bioinks provide a biocompatible environment, offering the ability to balance printability with cell viability. The test results with different cell types show that in addition to high printability and stability, it has a significant effect on cell viability.



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