International Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Conference

October 15-16, 2020 | Rome, Italy

The International Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Conference welcome you to Italy during October 15-16, 2020 to share your research findings, encourage the exchange of knowledge and network with a broad audience in the nanomedicine and nanotechnology sector.
i-Nanotech 2020 is an annual meeting for scientists, practitioners, and educators to exchange perspectives and address recent developments, trends, studies, issues and practical challenges and solutions in the broad field of nanotechnology and nanomedicine.
i-Nanotech 2020 is a leading forum for a wide range of nanotechnology practitioners representing, among others, the interdisciplinary fields of biology, materials science, physics, chemistry, and biotechnology. The i-Nanotech Operating Committee welcomes abstracts on a wide range of cross-cutting subjects, including nanosensors, nanomedicines, Bionanomaterials, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials in Food, Agriculture, rubber and Water Purification, Energy, Environment and Green Technology to be submitted. Nanomedicine-related sessions will foster discussions among the medical community’s interdisciplinary nanotechnology while fostering new and synergistic collaborations between academic and industrial scientists.
Join us and experience the booming industry by engaging in i-Nanotech 2020 and providing your career and business with new opportunities from around the world. We will be happy to host you in the town of Italy
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