2nd World Congress on Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases

May 09-10, 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: “Novel Progression Towards the Heart and Cardiovascular Research”

With the esteemed collaboration of the British Cardiovascular Society and the enormous success of a series of Heart conferences in 2023, we are excited to announce the “2nd World Congress on Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases” which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on May 09-10, 2024. This cardio conference will examine the most recent developments and numerous research projects in the field of cardiology.
With the theme of “Novel Progression Towards the Heart and Cardiovascular Research“, Scientex Conferences is happy to extend an invitation to you for this Heart Conference hybrid event. 
The main goal of this meeting is to disseminate rational and restorative investigation and thoughts about heart-related difficulties, which include numerous concerns, all over the world in order to work on understanding. We encourage events such as the Heart Congress 2024 to create global awareness about cardiovascular issues through global decisions and discussions that will result in remarkable solutions for existing heart and related medical disorders. 
The Cardiology 2024 Conference provides a stimulating chance for the developing generations engaged in numerous cardiac research projects to advance their expertise in the field of cardiovascular diseases. It will also share scientific knowledge and experience, giving people the chance to learn about various cardiac disorders and cardiovascular treatments.
Additionally, we offer workshops and seminars where we bring together experts from around the globe to discuss heart diseases, nuclear and molecular cardiology, cardiac surgery, hypertension, cardiac nursing, and other topics under cardiovascular research. They will also share the most recent advancements, novel strategies, real-world difficulties encountered, and preoperative and postoperative management in the field of cardiology.


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