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Medical Laser Repair Service

Medical and Beauty Lasers, Alexandrite and Diode Laser, Headpiece and Fiber

Laser repair-2

Laser Repair Service

Physiotherapy diode laser repair:

  • Cooling system and power board repair
  • Headpiece and fiber repair
  • Light source repair

Skin/hair diode laser repair:

  • Headpiece repair
  • Repair/replace of diode bar
  • Fiber polishing/welding
  • Connector repair/replace
  • Optical system repair
Laser Team Laser rod-2 Optical Fiber

Solid state laser repair:

  • Alexandrite and Q-switch laser rod repair
  • Alexandrite rod polishing and AR coating

Medical laser device and equipment providing:

  • Diode laser light source
  • Powermeter for medical laser calibration
  • Providing of medical optical fibers and probes
  • SM and PM coupler providing

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