Alter Design Group

Interior and Decoration Design

A Real Difference in Work and Leaving Space

Alter Design Group offers interior design services to customers. Our works have integrated design methods and technology tools such as parametric designs, moss walls, modern luxury bathrooms, smart silent consist cisterns, professional and impressive light effects, patina and cement designs, built-in furniture, customized furniture, …

Alter design group contributes to the ThemeTech project by offering medical clinics and beauty salons interior design including furniture, lighting, and workspace accessory design, and thematic decoration of the workspaces as well as studio-set design for TV programs or other types of video content production.

Medical Clinics and Beauty Salons Interior Design

Customized Furniture, Lighting, and Workspace Accessory Design

Studio-set Design for TV Programs (Video Content Production)

Thematic Interior Design (Malaysia)

Exterior and Interior Design


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