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Green Workspace

Inspiring and Sustainable Workspace to Grow Business

Green Wall

Green workspace project is an effort to offer inspiring and different space for growing business by combining interior design and green technologies.Green spaces based on moss wall and other aesthetic elements is created by our team. These fresh, healthy and inspiring spaces are absolutely suitable for health/beauty clinic reservation counter and waiting rooms, gym sport and relaxation spaces, yoga space design, hotel reception desk, and office waiting rooms.

Our sterilized air machine is a nanotechnology based equipment that can be used in all work and life areas to have sterile air and avoid infectious viruses, bacteria or molds transmitted through the air. This product let the user breathe clean and safe air indoors by killing microorganisms in the air with a similar effect that sunlight has on open air spaces.

We offer smart and green automation system based on devices such as our smart thermostat that is used to control, monitor and optimize energy consumption of workspace. We also use material technologies such as low-E glass (low thermal emissivity coated glass) in architecture to efficiently control of energy usage in winter and summer with no vision disturbance. Low-e coatings can be used to reduce the effective emissivity of the surface of glass so that it reflects, rather than absorbs, a higher proportion of long-wave infra-red radiation.

Low-E Glass

In cooler climates this means that long-wave infra-red radiation that builds up inside a building is reflected by the glass back into the space, rather than being absorbed by the glass and then partially re-radiated to the outside. This reduces heat loss and so the need for artificial heating.

In hotter climates, a low-e coating means that long-wave infra-red radiation outside the building is reflected back out of the building, rather than being absorbed by the glass and then partially re-radiated to the inside. This reduces the heat build-up inside the building and so the need for cooling. In hotter climates, a low-e coating might be used in conjunction with solar-control glass to reduce the amount of short-wave solar radiation entering the building.

Foam Glass

We also offer a kind of lightweight, high-strength building and decorative material that has excellent insulation performance and sound absorption with both moisture-proof and fireproof properties (temperature: 196 to 450 degrees). This sustainable material is foam glass which is a porous glass foam material. Its advantages as a building material include its light weight, high strength, and thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Foam glass is also waterproof, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, anti-mite, non-aging, non-radioactive, and insulating, anti-magnetic wave, anti-static, high mechanical strength, with good adhesion to various types of mud.


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