International Conference on Cancer and Oncology Research

June 19-20, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Theme: Raising wings to Beat Cancer Free World”

The International Conference on Cancer and Oncology Research will be organized during June 19-20,2023 in Rome, Italy based on the theme of “Raising wings to Overcome Cancer Free World” focusing on Cancer Biology, Cancer Metastasis, Cancer Biomarkers, Cancer Pharmacology, Robotic and Radiation Oncology, Neuro oncology and Pediatric Oncology, Cancer and Oncology relevant topics. This Conference help professionals and enthusiasts to communicate and collaborate with Physicians, scientists, Research scholars, Medical and Surgical Oncologist, Doctors from various regions and capacities. This Conference will emphasize the informative research on its impact on clinical outcomes, through poster and oral demonstrations, educational workshop sessions, and noteworthy plenary presentations.

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