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Equipment’s Body Redesign/Refurbish

Industrial Design in Business Practice

Medical Trolley Redesign & Refurbish

Alter design group offers product design, manufacturing, furniture design, interior design, … alongside hi-tech value adding teams of projects. We take benefit from experts in industrial/product design and manufacturing technologies. Our team use several manufacturing techniques such as plastic machining (CNC plastic), sheet metal (internal/external structure), vacuum forming, as well as MDF, Wood, glass, plexiglass, leather covering, high quality plastic annealed coloring (automotive quality), … depending to the professional standards of products.

Alter design group contribute in ThemeTech project by offering Medical/Sport/Beauty facilities body repair services in collaboration with technical team as well as Medical/Beauty trolley and handpiece, gym equipment, workspace furniture, … redesign and refurbish in harmony with decoration of the workspace.

Industrial design

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